Empire -line Dress

Posted: July 10, 2009 in FASHION - WOMEN, Types of dresses

Imagesource: Bridalwave.tv

An empire line dress has a waistline that is raised above the natural waist and falls just below the bust, with a loose skirt skimming the body. [The thinnest part of a woman’s body is right under the bust – called the bust line.] Empire waist dresses draws attention to the thin area, making one appear slimmer than they actually are. This cut is flattering to most body types and is very much in vogue now.

The shape of the dress creates the illusion of length. Hence it is great for petite figure types. Pear shaped body types can go for empire line cuts without a second thought. It can be worn layered over leggings or skinny jeans for a casual look. The trendy style comprises of party wear, evening wear and as traditional wear as well.

Since empire line cuts brings the attention to the thin area [ the bust line]. it provides good coverage to hide wide hips or a bulky waist. The focus is on the bust with the fabric flowing freely from just below the bust. Empire line dresses with v-neck cuts look hip and trendy rather than the boring round or square neck shapes.

However, avoid empire line cuts if you have slim hips. You sure want to flaunt your appealing hips with various other styles that emphasize your curves. In addition, stay away from it if you have a heavy bosom. Also, avoid empire waist dresses that have too much of fabric or material below the bust. It can make you appear a little bulky.



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