Hair Care

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Hair care
Too much of oil for the hair can weaken the bonds.
To detangle your hair start from the bottom and work your way up to the hair roots.
Make it a point to tie your hair lightly while sleeping.
To comb your hair always use a soft bristle brush.
Vigorous brushing is always a big ‘no.’

As far as possible limit coloring your hair. If you must, opt for branded products and get it done professionally.
Always wash and condition your hair. Condition only the tips of the hair.
While shampooing, never pile the hair up on the top. Allow the water to run over the hair and down straight.
Avoid blow dry. When you use it, keep it at a distance and opt for cool air.
Curling irons and hair straighteners should be avoided when the hair is wet.
Avoid too many styling products for the hair. Remember, like make-up when you put them on, you must remove them too.
Avoid hair accessories with sharp edges.
Pulled back or tight hairstyles can damage the hairline by pulling the hair fibres out of the follicle.

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