How to do Make -Up in Public

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Make-up in public
Make up in public should not be a performance as we all know that it is a bit rude. However, if you really have to, here are few tips to consider.

Do not carry all the cosmetics with you. Carry only the items that you do not mind showing off. Keep your kit neat and tidy. Opt for a make up kit that is easy to clean. A bag with a lining makes the job easy.

Purchase two of your favorite items, one that you can keep at home and the other in your make up kit. Keep your pencils sharpened.

Applying foundation in public is a bit too disrespectful. But you can just powder your face in a subtle manner with perhaps a good compact brush. If you prefer applying concealers, opt for ones that is in the shape of a tiny pen so that you can dot quickly on the spots you wish to camouflage.

Patting on some cream blush with the help of fingers is better than taking out the powder and blush. But, assure that your fingers are clean. Have some face tissues handy at all times. Instead of a lip stick add shine to your lips with a clear gloss.

While making your eye, the best item to add that instant glamour would be a touch of kohl and perhaps a quick coat of mascara – and you’re done!


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