Wardrobe Wonders

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Wardrobe Tips
A wardrobe is one of the most useful and important furniture that is needed in our day to day life. Hence, it’s essential that you take some time and effort to find the right kind according to your comfort and budget. Not sure how to plan your wardrobe? Here are few common tips that can help you while planning your wardrobe.

Image source: Cocomale.com

  • Have sufficient storage spaces in shelves and few hanging rails fixed so that you can keep your trousers and shirts free from creases.
  • Make the shelves at varied heights so that you can change the heights as and when needed.
  • Get different sections made and segregate the clothes into formal, casual and evening wear.
  • A locker is very important part of a wardrobe. However, make sure you don;t dump unnecessary items there. Place only the precious ones such as expensive jewelry or important documents like passports, bills etc.
  • Having drawers fixed in each section is a great idea as you can fit in the respective accessories.
  • Fit in a full length mirror, especially on the inside of the door. This is also a great option if there is no space for the dressing table.
  • On the bottom half, have some large storage areas where you can place out-of-season clothes or outfits that need repair.
  • You can use the lower most area to place your footwear. If you are not comfortable to place your footwear along with the clothes, perhaps you can have a separate shoe rail.



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