A Few Portfolio Tips

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Portfolio tips
If you are an upcoming model, be sure to check out the photographers’ portfolio before you let him photograph you. Nevertheless, do not rely on just one photographer. Different photographers will look at things in different ways. The key to a good portfolio is variety.

Image Source: pdnonline.com

o Wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Your clothes should flatter your body type. Choose ones that emphasizes your plus points and camouflages the parts you prefer to hide. For instance, if you have a full figure opt for clothes that skim your body than skin-tight garments. If you are thin or boney, wear layered fabrics that help fill you out a little.

o Take a set of pictures in western wear and another set in casual wear. On the other hand, if you feel something doesn’t suit you, avoid it. For instance, if you don’t look in western clothes it’s best you concentrate more on causal wear. If you look great in most pictures, but a little lousy in two or three pictures, people are most likely going to remember the bad ones.

o But remember, the more looks you have the more the chances are for getting work. If your portfolio consist of only lingerie, then you are most likely to get offers on the same subject. Hence, try to get as many as looks you can.

o Keep your make-up and hair simple but stylish. Do not go overboard. Try out different looks and styles before you take the pictures. Experiment a bit on what suits you and that includes clothes, hair and make-up.


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