A Few Steps for the Perfect Feet

Posted: April 27, 2010 in For the perfect feet
Glossy nails and soft, smooth skin on our feet is a sign of good health and flawless grooming standards. In fact a woman is judged by the way she keeps her feet. Here are few ways for the perfect looking feet.

                                                                     Image Source: Faqs.org

o A simple do it yourself pedicure is enough to bring in those perfect looking feet. Choose nail polish that lifts your spirit. Dark and bright colors like red or gold-shot brown look classy and chic, while zesty citrus or corals flatter tanned skin. However, colors like shimmery pastel pinks go with any outfit, saving you the difficulty of polishing your nails numerous times a week.

o Clip nails to a consistent length and, shape nails into rounded squares using an emery board. While filing your nails, make sure you file them in just one direction without the back and forth movement. Leave no sharp edges that might hurt the toes.

o Soak your feet in warm water daily for around ten minutes. Add half a cup of Epsom salt to it. This helps in soothing aching feet and softening the skin, making it look fresh and healthy. Keep your feet moisturized at all times.

o Allot some time for a good foot massage. You can do it yourself by rubbing in some foot cream. Massage from the toe to the heel and up to the ankles and calves. It stimulates blood circulation and reduces puffiness.

o Another option is to gently massage your feet before going to bed at night. After massaging, put on a pair of socks – your feet will take in all the moisture and seal it to your feet so that they are ultra-soft in the morning.

o Toe nails are prone to chip or crack. Hence, it is advisable to re-apply a top-coat every other day. For better effects, massage a little amount of nail oil on daily basis to give the nails some strength.

You can’t always make time for the a spa or salon and it can get expensive at times. But a regular home spa is just what the experts suggest and if there is anything that healthy living can’t cure, seek medical advice.



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