Apple Shaped Body Type

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Apple shaped figures are generally heavier on the top than the bottom. The shape bears the resemblance to an inverted triangle. They have a heavy chest with narrow hips and thin legs. The key is to ideally divert the attention away from the upper body to create a proportionate silhouette. Here are few tips on it.

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o Boat necks and V-necks are for this body type as they can make the bosom appear smaller.

o Wear long tops to avoid highlighting the waist. Knits or woven fabrics with stretch go well with this body type.

o Tops should generally cover the hip area to bring in that perfect balance. Avoid shoulder pads. Empire cut tops, wrap tops and dresses can camouflage any extra weight in the waist section.

o Stay away from tops that include a lot of detailing and ruffling. Keep it simple and neat. Also, avoid tight or clingy tops that highlight your problematic areas.

o Choose flat front pants or trousers than the pleated ones. You can make use of detailing on your skirts and pants to draw attention there. Low-rise jeans with a boot cut looks fabulous on this body type.

o Play up long legs with short [an inch above the knee] skirts. You can also play with bright colors and patterns on your pants and skirts.

o You can choose monochromatic outfits as well, as they create an overall impression of length by drawing the attention away from your width.

o Play with accessories. Wear chandelier earring to bring the attention to your charming face. Classy shoes and boots can complete your overall look. Use belts to cinch your tops and dresses to the narrowest part of your waist.

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