Balloon Dress

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Types of dresses
The latest trend that is catching up in the runaway is the balloon dress. Yes, it’s not something new. It was the trend during the 60’s and now has come back with a bang. In fact, fashion this season has been more of the revival of sixties trend, but has been put forward in a more trendy and contemporary form.

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Balloon dresses comes in different shapes and lengths and fashionistas seem to be adorning this new fashion trend in parties and functions. They come as waistline balloon dresses, off -shouldered balloon dresses, hem-line balloon dresses and fitted knee length balloon dresses that flare at the bottom. Designers give it an innovative touch. And as a balloon dress, whatever shape and form it takes, the bulkiness will be there to stay. It is a very comfortable attire and can be worn for almost all occasions; be it a glam party or a girl’s night out.

But this form of dress doesn’t suit every body type. It’s meant for people with a slim frame. If you are on the larger side, a balloon dress can make you appear larger than you actually are, despite hiding the fat. Unless you are stick thin or have a slim frame, balloon dresses will only add to the extra bulk. In addition, it doesn’t suit the shorter women too. Since, it adds volume and highlights the lower portion of the body, it doesn’t look too appealing on shorter women . It’s just meant for tall and thin frames. In fact, it suits the western body type more.

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