Being Photogenic

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Portfolio tips
You don’t have to be Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears to look great in pictures. The trick to being photogenic lies in the originality. Do not try to contrive a desirable look; just be your natural self. You may tend to look unattractive in the photos if you strive for a particular look.

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It’s a common myth that you need to have a perfect body to appear photogenic. In reality, you need to be confident and comfortable[ than a great body] as that gives a better persona in photographs. Besides, even the most perfect body can look terrible if she is uncomfortable with herself. Factors such as make-up, lightnings, clothes, mood etc add to good results.

Light is one of the most indispensable aspect of photography. If you’re being photographed in the sun, the sunlight should fall on your face, but of course not blind you. Bright sunlight streaming through the window is better than the direct, scorching rays of the sun. Experts say, when photography is indoors, yellow light improves the visibility of the photographs. Zoom lens work great for close-ups as it blends with the background, by focusing on the central object.

Make-up is the next most important aspect. Correct make-up can transform you to a diva. Foundation is essential as it evens out the skin tone. Concealer can be used next to cover up the dark spots and blemishes. But do not go overboard. Highlight your best features and play down the ones you prefer to hide. Highlight your eyes well as they are the first to be noticed. If possible, try getting your make-up done with a professional artist or take time to learn from him/her on how to do it.

Pay attention to your clothes as they must compliment your complexion. Red can make the face appear healthy and glowing. Since black absorbs light, it can make you appear a little dark. On the other hand, the color white can reflect too much light, making you appear a little unnatural. Therefore, you need to experiment a bit to create a balance to bring out the best in you.

Be aware of your mood as the camera can capture your real state of mind. Even if you are smiling on the out, but are dreary on the inside it can show on the photographs, making it look lifeless and uninteresting. Be at ease, relax, have fun and finally, enjoy what you are doing.


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