Blushers for the Skin

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Blushers
The purpose of a blusher is to highlight your skin’s natural hue. Think of it as an enhancer rather than a make-up element. It needs to add that essential depth to the skin.

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A good way to find the right color for your skin is to bend over and try touching your toes. When you stand up, your face will be flushed. Note the color as that is the ideal shade for your blusher. If you are still looking for precise colors and, if you have got a fair skin try peaches and pale pinks. Women with wheatish complexions can opt for peach, apricot and coral shades. And, dusky women can use deep pinks, apricots and beiges. However, peaches and pinks are the two shades that go with just about any skin tone. They can be used during the day, and darker ones like bronze and shimmer can be used for the nights.

Always start out small; apply blusher sparingly. Moreover, the body heat can warm the blusher to a more intense color. Put just enough to give your skin a natural glow. If you are not definite about how much is enough, stop after two three brush strokes.

Opt for blusher brushes that consists of rounded bristles. Better yet, go for ones that are made of real hair. Wash your blushers regularly with shampoo to make it last for a longer time. Brushes can harbor bacteria if not properly cleaned. Hence, wash them fortnightly with a gentle shampoo and keep them on a paper towel to air dry. To speed up the process you can also use a hair dryer on its lowest setting.

Finally, never use the little brushes that come free with the blushers as they can be quite harsh on the skin. The skin on your cheekbones are quite sensitive, hence invest in some good brushes.

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