Boyfriend Dressing

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Boyfriend dressing
Boyfriend shorts, boyfriend cardigan, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend watches and now boyfriend jackets. In fact, one of the key trends of the past 2009 was ‘boyfriend dressing.’ The guys must be thinking – not again. But, there is something about a woman in a man’s clothes. It’s all about blending into a man’s world. Coco Chanel was the first to exemplify boyfriend dressing during the 1920’s and, it is still a major hit in the fashion world.


The idea is to dress like a man, while still maintaining the feminine appeal. Many Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Kate Moss and Katherine Hepburn, Angelina Jolie etc, epitomize the style with ease and grace. The impact is strong at fashion shows as well. It is basically for women who have the style and can effortlessly pull off the look.

It is easy to wear with a little imagination and flair. Wear any one piece of ‘boyfriend clothes,’ such as ‘boyfriend jeans’ or ‘boyfriend jacket’ and mix and match with the feminine pieces. Play with contrasts. Keep your make-up simple and natural. Add attitude, by pushing up the sleeves or rolling up the trouser bottoms.

Strut in the highest heel you can wear as they add that spice to your look. Make use of trendy and chic accessories to complement the look. You don’t necessarily have to borrow your boyfriend’s clothes. There are trendy pieces in the market that is especially made for the women. Finally, keep ‘boyfriend dressing,’ for the more casual occasions and do remember to wear it with an ‘attitude.’


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