Hour Glass Figure

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Hourglass figure, quite curvy and proportionate, is the most sought after body shape. They have an ideal proportioned upper and lower halves with a well-defined waist. With just a few pieces of clothing, you can create various looks. However, here are few tips to make the most of your figure.

Image Source: Tiffabee.files.wordpress.com

o An important item is a good bra, with the correct cup size, to make any outfit look appealing and presentable.

o Opt for tops that are simple and not too tight. They should skim your body with a sensuous drape.

o Open necklines such as U-neck and V-neck appear flattering. They make the chest and face seem slimmer.

o Jackets and tops with a belt will look great on you as they can highlight your waist.

o Wrap dresses cinch at the middle showing off your curves. Basically dresses that are fitted on the top and have an A-line cut can look great in you.

o Darker colors on the bottom makes your hip look slimmer.

o Avoid excessive detailing at the hips to maintain a perfect balance.

o Most style of pants will suit you however, wear pants or trousers with slight flare instead of tapered ones. But do not opt for heavy flares.

o Your curves and legs can be your best assets. Opt for skirts that show off your legs. Pencil skirts give the illusion of a chic silhouette as they balance the waist and hip.

A Tip: Hourglass figures have well-defined waists. Hence, focus on drawing the attention to the waists such as a great belt . Never be afraid to show off your slim waist as it is most flattering part of your body.



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