How to Apply Blushers

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Blushers
Firstly, prep your face up by dabbing on your regular foundation. Apply a small amount of bronzer powder to the forehead, nose and chin. Now, look into the mirror and give your best smile; you can notice the apple of your cheeks. Remember, cheeks are one of the most prominent part of the face. Plunge your brush into the blush powder, dust of the excess and stroke on the apple of your cheeks. Use an up and down vertical movement. Assure that the color spreads evenly. To blend the blusher well, you now have to use horizontal movements. Gently remove the excess color with a neat tissue or a puff. Finally, top it off with some loose powder. For more form and structure, use a deeper shade in the hallow of your cheeks to give your skin a glowing, healthy look.

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Always apply blushers before you do your eyes or lips to maintain a perfect balance. Otherwise, you might end up putting more than essential. Powder blush is the best bet for beginners and is recommended for daily use as well. It is also advisable for people with greasy, oily or combination skins. Nevertheless it suits most skin types and is the easiest to handle. People with oily skin can also make use of liquid and gel blushes as it gives a very natural look. It can be applied over foundation or directly onto the bare skin. You can then dab some powder on top.

Cream blushers are great for dry skin as it consists moisturizer. However, you need to be careful of blending it well as excess amount can appear too loud. Some experts recommend powder blush as the most appropriate one for all skin types as liquid, gel and cream blushers make the skin more susceptible to dust particles that block the pores by causing the skin to break out.

A good blusher can improve the shape of your face by adding up the natural color and highlighting or softening your cheekbones. It can give a round face the illusion of appearing slimmer and vice versa. Blushers can also be used as eye shadows and lipsticks by mixing it with lip gloss, lip balm or Vaseline. So, as you see there is no end to what a blusher can do.

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