Neckpieces – The Bold Way

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Neckpieces
Statement necklaces are in and almost everyone seem to be sporting one. They look stylish, fashionable, chic and what’s more is that they are reasonable. Going big, bold and colorful seems to be the new trend.

From the modest string of pearls to the funkier array of colored stones, nothing dresses up a plain outfit better. They make a striking accent for casual attire. Beads and stones are quite hip, and is also an inexpensive way to add that extra pizzazz to your outfit. However, since they are extremely versatile, they can be teamed with both ethnic and contemporary outfits. You can team a cocktail dress with an elegant neckpiece or wear beaded stuff with a top and skirt for the bohemian look.

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With designers experimenting with various styles and options, one is literally spoiled for choice. Also, a lot of designers are turning to work with beads and stones instead of precious metals, as it a lot more fun and all the rage. With precious metals becoming expensive, costume jewelry has become even more popular these days. And, people are no longer ashamed to sport fake jewelry or imitations.

However, there are few things that you need to stick to.

• If you are wearing a heavy printed outfit, it is best to keep the neckpiece simple. Instead, pep up a plain outfit with an interesting long necklace. Sporting a huge chunky neckpiece can make heads turn instantly.

• If you are wearing a heavy neckpiece, it is advisable to keep the earrings subtle. You can perhaps adorn a demure ring or a trendy watch on the hand.

• Wearing matching accessories can get a little monotonous. The trend is to wear contrasting jewelry. However, do not mix and match too much as you may end up looking too busy.


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