Three Signs of Unhealthy Hair

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Three signs of unhealthy hair

Lack of shine:

When the hair is greasy, grimy and the cuticle is coarsened, the light scatters and you hair doesn’t shine [ shiny hair is all about reflection of light]. To bring some life to your hair, shampoo and condition it well with products that contain silicone, to give it the necessary sparkle. The hair is created with natural conditioning elements, and only after it is damaged it shows as unhealthy. Condition your hair going from the ‘bottom up,’ rinsing out the excess.

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Extreme use of heating instruments and common misuse can dry your hair. The hair consists of protein [ which also involves moisture] and with constant styling, the protein structure tends to change which results in dryness. The moisture that is lost due to heat styling, bleaching etc must be replenished to get rid of the dryness. Less moisture gives you flyaway’s and frizz as well. Shampoo and conditioner your hair with ingredients that contain panthenol, silicone and fatty alcohol, as they can help build up the moisture. Remember, after shampooing your hair, wash it with cool water to fasten the moisture in the hair shafts.


When there is no stability in hair care, the proteins continue to loosen, resulting in breakage of hair shaft. The hair becomes brittle, and this can be seen at the ends which is commonly called as ‘split ends.’ Split ends can be dealt with by trimming your hair. In fact, it is advisable to trim the ends at least once every two to three months.

A tip : While selecting shampoos and conditioners, go for ones that is especially made for your hair type.

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