Laws of Fashion Police

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Laws of Fashion
oLook into the mirror before you step out. Make sure you appear comfortable from all angles. It never hurts to get a second opinion when in doubt.

o Concentrate more on the fit. The right cut always reigns supreme. Wear clothes that enhances the areas you prefer to highlight and camouflages the less flattering parts.

o Buy the best clothes you can afford. It’s better to have two pairs of quality pants than twenty pairs of cheap ones.

o Chipped nails, peeling nail polish or dirty feet are a huge turn off. Assure you keep your nails clean, neatly shaped and moisturized at all times.

o Shoes you can’t walk in or tops that you can’t breathe in, aren’t doing your image any favor. Keep comfort as the first priority.

o A good pair of quality shoes should last for a minimum of two years. As mentioned, few pairs of quality shoes are better than hundreds of cheap or worn-out ones.

o Less is always more when it comes to make-up. Red may be hot on the runway, but not on your cheeks.
Understand how to enhance your features with the right make-up.

o Never wear dazzling accessories all over. Highlight any one aspect – for instance, chandelier earrings, a
chunky bracelet or a huge neck chain. Keep the rest of it simple.

o Wear confidence with grace. Think Jackie Kennedy Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The world loved these women for their intelligent sense of style, grace and confidence that made them the icons of women hood.

o Finally, develop your own sense of style statement. Be bold, be different and be unique.


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