Accessories – The Magic they Bring

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Accessories - the magic they bring
Hollywood celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe in her book, ‘ Style A To Zoe,’ says, ” In the morning I think accessories first, then clothes second.” She further adds that, “You might be in your favorite jeans and flip-flops but once you throw on a great belt, you’re that much closer to looking fabulous.” Rightly said! The magic of accessories is all about making a statement.

o Choose one stunning piece such as a pair of chandelier earrings, a great cocktail ring or a jeweled cuff. From elaborate styles to chunky pieces, its all about getting noticed.


o Make a style statement with a great bag. Clutch is making the rounds this season. A gorgeous clutch can update your outfit and add some subtle glamour.


o Choose a watch that’s really you: a chunky (men’s) watch, a dressy one, a plastic, sporty or a wide band one. It can really make heads turn.

o A pair of sunglasses can not only protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, but they also make a great style statement. Oversized glasses are the rage this year.


o Belts have become a major fashion accessory for the past few years. Even if your are a bit on the bulkier side, wearing the belt in the right style can make you stylishly chic.


o An elegant silk stole wrapped stylishly around the neck adds a punch of color to a classic outfit. You can wear them in various ways depending on the occasion and style of the attire.


o Tie a bandanna or a headband around your neck and you’ll look pulled together. It saves you from a bad hair day apart from creating a bold fashion statement.

o Hats provide a great way to create an instant image. It says, ‘Look, I’m Stylish.’ Trying on hats can be a great deal of excitement and fun.


o Tights can give a smooth line underneath and will hide all the bumps and lumps. Shaping underwear can slim your hips and flatten your tummy. It will give you bags of confidence.

o Whether you are a 20 or 40, you are never too old to experience the poise and sophistication that a pair of high heels can provide. Apart from lengthening your legs, high heels can add instant glamour to any outfit.


But, never go overboard with your accessories. Do not wear too many items at a time. Wearing competing accessories can make you look rather dowdy and drab. A trick here is to apply the 8-count rule. That is when you count the number of accessories your wearing, it shouldn’t exceed 8 – that includes, watch, earrings, chain, belt, sunglasses, rings, bangles, bracelets, bags, shoe, hats or other accessories.

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