Must Have Wardobe Essentials

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Must have wardrobe essentials
A well planned wardrobe begins with a core set of basics that can create various looks and easily ride the fashion waves from season to season. Following mentioned are few practical items around which you can build your wardrobe. These are few important classic pieces, and what’s essential is if they fit you properly, flatter your body and are not outdated.

A Classic White Shirt:

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The white front button down shirt is a must-have wardrobe basic. It comes in various styles unlike a man’s piece of clothing. Opt for one that accentuates your curves and camouflages the flaws. You can wear the shirt on top of a camisole with the buttons left open for a casual look, or as a formal top to create a crisp look for work. You can also pair it with a great skirt for an evening wear, or layered over tops along with shorts for a sporty look. It’s versatility just cannot be ignored.

Dress Pants – Black:

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A basic black pant works best for work and fun. They can be worn with shirts or blazers for work and dressed up with a great top for the night. They never go out of style. In addition, black is flattering on all body types and goes with almost everything. Opt for a mid waist style with slight flare at the legs. Make sure that the pockets lay flat on your body for a slim look.

Well – Fitting Jeans:

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We all know how tough it is to find the right jeans but once you find it just grab it. It flatters the body so much that you will want to wear them everyday. You can team it up with tees, kurtas, jackets, tops – there are several ways you can dress up any pair of well fitting jeans. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The wide leg or boot cut suits almost all body types and a must have for every woman.

An Any Occasion Top:

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Opt for a top that can look respectable under a shirt or a jacket but bring on the fun after hours. You can wear it in its own with skirts, denim, shorts, pants or trousers. For more versatility you can go for neutral colors like black or white. Have at least one in your wardrobe to add an instantaneous feminine touch to bring out the stylish you.

Black Dress:

It is one of the most essential pieces in women’s clothing and has been around for a long time. Opt for nice necklines and flamboyant back designs. Not only does a black dress flatter every woman, they’re great at highlighting the positive and camouflaging the flaws. Choose a style that works for a multitude of occasions and you can change the look every time with mere accessories.

A Good Suit:

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A good suit may not necessarily work for everyone. However, it’s advisable to have at least one pair for an unexpected business meeting or an interview. The suit should follow the silhouette of a woman’s body and highlight the curves at her waist. You can also wear the pieces as separates creating numerous looks. To ensure a perfect fit, its recommended that you opt for ones that are tailor made.


Unless you are totally not a skirt person, two or three plain skirts in different lengths are a must for every wardrobe. They are perfect for a feminine and sophisticated look, making you appear flirty or businesslike. You can combine it with suitable tops to suit any occasion. Go for a style that defines your curves and hides your negatives.

A Coat:

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Get a high quality coat with a interesting silhouette that can fit in a corporate setting or a casual one. It is an ideal item to team it with a pants, skirt and white shirt or make it casual with a pair of jeans. Opt for a coat with a removable liner as you can use it during the colder months as well. Choose a coat in a neutral or classic color for more versatility.

A Pair of Statement Shoes:

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A great pair of stilettos – it’s definitely a must have, be it for a business meeting or an evening out. Stilettos are bound to gel with any outfit creating a classic and elegant look. Well, if heels is just not your type, you can go for a pair of patent flats that create an edge to most outfits. In any case assure you have a pair of statement shoes that says who you are.

A Multipurpose Handbag:

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One primary handbag that is timeless and versatile is a wardrobe must-have for any woman. Invest in the right one to make sure that it will last for days, if not months. Select a size that holds all your essentials and a style that you can carry to the office or for shopping.

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