Shorts for Women

Posted: April 3, 2011 in FaYo
When summer comes the first hottest thing to make waves is the ‘shorts.’ So, if there is one item you need to have during the summer, it is a pair of shorts.

Shorts also called as hot pants are basically the shortened form of trousers. There are various types of shorts like the low waist, high waist, cotton shorts , silk shorts etc.  And, just how can it be dressed? Here are few tips on how you can choose a perfect pair of shorts.  

Earlier it was used only for casual purposes. But now it is worn even in a formal setting by teaming it with a great jacket or blazer. Nonetheless, avoid drastically short shorts if you are in a conservative atmosphere or in a corporate environment. In addition, if you have heavy thighs, choose longer length shorts. However, the main aspect is not the length; it’s about how well you carry it off. With the right fit and style, shorts can be a great escape from the boring pants.

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Depending on your comfort zone you can wear shorts staring from four inches and extending till the knee.  In fact, the most flattering length is knee length. They elongate your legs making you appear taller, while short shorts suit the slim and well- toned bodies better. What’s more is that you can have heads constantly turning at you.

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Whether you admit it or not, shorts is all about showing skin.  Hence do not opt for tops that expose a lot. You can perhaps team it with a great tee. The key is the balance. Your overall look should be proportionate. The thumb of the rule is to wear looser fitting shorts with snugly fitting tops and vice versa. And, with very short shorts avoid revealing tops as they appear like the other version of swimsuits.
 Its not just to make a style statement but it is quite a comfortable item for the gym too. Running in perfect pair of shorts can boost the running capability by miles. Do consider buying a pair that is from light weight material.  For a casual setting my personal favorite is shorts with sequins. It brings a special sparkle to your style by creating a fashion statement.

Its versatility allows you to create different looks. Team your shorts with a great belt. You can even adorn a trendy scarf or a long bandana to create a style statement.  If the belt is big enough, choose a tee or top of the same color to create a continuous flow. This rule applies especially for petite or short body types. Various colors on you tend to break your body making you appear shorter than you actually are. Wedges are the perfect footwear to team with a pair of shorts. It adds proportion and gives you the height without making you look over the top.
When you choose figure hugging shorts, apply the same rule that you do for the pants. You wouldn’t wear pants that are ill fitting, too short or too tight, would you? Nothing you wear should call for continuous tugging or pulling. When in doubt, buy a size up. Eventually shorts are a great eye catcher. It is a must in every woman’s wardrobe as it is a timeless piece. It is an item that will never go out of style.  The versatility and comfort of shorts is nothing but one- of- its- kind.
  1. Anonymous says:

    hi..yogi..gud designed pitx…grt going….and young people never prefer big ties….we always wear small ties… All the best……take care….Regards,Vinodh

  2. Yogitha says:

    Thanks Vinodh. Even the older generation do not prefer big ties. Its just that they look big in the pictures …hence the chaos :)))

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