Jumpsuits for the Classy Gals

Posted: August 4, 2011 in FaYo
Jumpsuits, a hot piece of the 70’s are all the rage now. It has made a major comeback in 2010 and is still doing the rounds. All the classy ladies and fashionistas who want to have some fun, the jumpsuits are for you. It’s a hot favorite for the ladies of the tinsel town too.

                                      My Fashionista Gal Pal : Nisha Devadoss
It is one of the stylish attires where you don’t need a great body to carry the look. And, that’s what I love about jumpsuits. Whether it’s for running errands or for an evening out, it’s an apt clothing to bring out the diva in you. Its versatility is such that you can wear it for all seasons.

From loose and flowy jumpsuits to the tailored ones, there’s one for women of all ages and sizes. The look is effortless and quite convenient to wear. Though it comes in all lengths, I personally like the capri types. Polka dots, again a fashion of the 70’s, like the one below is really chic and brings in that vintage look with a twist.

                                                Image Source: Stylefashionetc.blogspot

 I feel a jumpsuit would look great without any accessories, however if you have to, its best you use just one chunky piece of accessory to jazz the overall look. Chandelier earrings, funky necklace, coolers, or a great belt is the way.
                                                                Image Source: Fashionbombdaily

Nonetheless, do not be fooled by its effortless look that it exudes. It can look sloppy if you cannot carry the look. Finally, wear it with heels or wedges to add that little pizzaz and wait for the compliments to flow in.

P.S : Unless you experiment you never know what suits you and what will not. Just take the plunge and try the jumpsuit, I promise you – you will love it. And if you do, I would love to hear it from you.

More Pics of the fab attire:
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