Lungi goes International – Simply Rocking

Posted: August 7, 2011 in FaYo
Can you imagine the traditional lungi worn only by a certain sect of people is now making waves worldwide? Yes you heard it right; it’s the 2 meters traditional South Indian attire – Lungi.
Scarves, shirts, pants, dresses, jackets are some of the few that are made of this magical 2meters fabric.
                                                      IOU Project

The lungis are exported to Europe and the designers create various garments making it look chic and trendy. Apart from it, these garments are sold like hotcakes all over the world. It’s sad that people here do not know the value of it. However, the good news is that it has been recognized worldwide.
                                                  IOU Project

 ‘Madras checks,’ is the most preferred one. The colors and the bold checks can bring in a sophisticated look to the garment as a whole.
                                                   IOU Project

The tote bag from Prada is nothing but the ‘madras checks bag.’ You can even see the international celebrities spotting these bags.
                                                     IOU Project
Moreover, the lugis are considered to be totally environmental friendly as it is weaved and completely handmade.
I will not be doing any justice if I don’t mention Ms.Kavita Parwar. Starting THE IOU Project in Spain, she gets the handloom lungis from weavers in Kurinjipadi and transforms them into the trendiest outfits. She sells them online and those who have gone crazy looking at it [like me] you can log on to to make your online order. Here are more few pics created of out the magical fabric by IOU Project.

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