The Sari Rules

Posted: August 30, 2011 in FaYo
Over the years saris have been draped in many different ways. Though there are numerous ways in which one can drape, there are however few things that needs to be followed.

• Wear the sari low only if you are in great shape. In addition, one needs to be careful about wearing the sari too low as the fall of the sari tends to get caught in the footwear. Besides, the height of your footwear is essential to determine where your sari should reach.

• Wearing a petticoat with the sari brings out the feminity in the attire. Recently many have taken to tights and pants instead of a petticoat, but again it take away the beauty of the 6 yards. Additionally, petticoats should be in the right material – for instance, choose silk instead of cotton for special occasions.

• The pallu should fall beneath the hip and not shorter as it tends to look dowdy. If by any chance the sari is small, add an extra piece of fabric to the other end of the sari.

• Wearing sari according to your body type makes a lot of difference. The fabric and the design should complement your body type. For instance, if you are heavy built, choose light weight fabrics like chiffon, georgette or silk.

• The number of pleats in a sari can make a lot of difference. If the sari falls long, take smaller and denser pleats and if the sari is long opt for broader pleats to bring in that balance.

• If the sari is worn low, avoid wearing deep neck blouses. Likewise, if the blouse is a backless one, do not bare too deep in the front as much as your cleavage to be shown. You need to bare only one part to maintain the balance without looking vulgar.
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    really interesting..

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