Would You Dare to Wear These Shoes ??

Posted: September 7, 2011 in FaYo
The apt ones to avoid people coming near you …wink wink !


Wondering if its really possible to walk in it ?? Kudos if you can!                               

Don’t be surprised if people crowd around you thinking you might need help !

Would people really prefer to wear boots of this color. Leave me alone- I love the color of my legs 😛

Colors, colors , colors …Ahhh! Too much of anything is good for nothing 😦

Please suggest me how do I wear it. Should my ankle rest on the top end or errr I guess Im slipping 😛

I don’t think I’ll lose my mobile everafter. Dare to rob…face the consequences ! But wait, do you think I’ll have to hunt for a similar size mobile that fits in my shoes ???

Ahhhh…Someone give me a walking stick for balance ….

Images Source: IDesigner-clothing

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