Wallets for Men

Posted: October 13, 2011 in FaYo

As we all know wallets maketh the man and they are always the best place to hold the cards and cash. Here are few useful tips on how a man’s wallet should be.

 Materials say a lot:

 When it comes to wallets materials speak a lot. Different materials take on different aspects and you may want to go opt for a style that reflects your personality. In addition, go for a good quality one that will wear well. Before falling for the style and design check on the durability, as you would want some value for money. Leather wallets are always classy and you get ones that are water proof as well. Furthermore, there are leather wallets with a lot of metal work that is quite stylish. If you prefer less expensive ones, opt for materials made out of rubber, twill, nylon or vinyl.

Size Matters:

When it comes to size, understand what size you prefer to have. Too small or too big can ruin the look or be uncomfortable. If you wish to carry just cash and cards a small neat one with slots for cards and money should be your priority. The short square design bi-fold wallets [bi-fold wallets are the ones that consist of a single fold] is the most popular one if you prefer stuffing it in your back pocket. If you are carrying umpteen number of things or if your work requires a lot of travelling then a tall wallet like the passport wallet is the best choice. You can keep all your essential items like the plane ticket, passport, boarding pass or other documents neatly tucked in it. What’s more is that it looks really cool when you pull it out of your inner coat pocket.

Slots for wallets:

 If you have many items to fit in like the keys, go for ones that have independent slots like the card slots, cash slots, identity card slots or the key slots. Slots assigned for different purposes can help you keep your things orderly and neat. Keep your wallet simple and classy without any flamboyant designs, colors or motifs. Colors also pay an important role. For men, black or brown colored wallets can be the best choice.

Avoid keeping your wallet bulky:

Avoid ones with coin pouch as they make the wallet appear quite bulky and it’s just not essential. Avoid zips as there really is no purpose. Do not overly stuff it with credit cards, money, papers etc. Making it too bulky looks very odd. Do not carry more than what’s needed in your wallet. Do remember, stuffing your wallet with numerous things and tucking it in your pocket can make your pant bulge, which is a big turn-off. The wallet should fit snugly into your pant pocket.

The next time you go for a wallet keep the above tips in mind and choose one that suits your needs accordingly.


  1. good one …. HAppy writing

  2. Vetrivel N says:

    Super yogi.

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