Belts and Waists

Posted: October 27, 2011 in FaYo

A belt is more than just a simple accessory. If worn properly, they help to balance your shape and create a style statement. On the other hand, it can ruin your look if worn in the most inappropriate way. Here are few tips that will keep you looking good in your belt no matter what!

Curvy Waist:

Women with curvy waists can opt for thin to medium sized belts. A thin belt accentuates the waists and draws the attention to the curves, which is quite flattering. The belt can be a studded or a metallic one. Large ones generally take the attention away from the curviness of the figure, For making the most of your curves, always remember to highlight the waist and what’s better than a great belt…


Image Source: Newsyolk


Huge Waist:

Belts generally do not work for women with heavy waists. They draw attention to the waist, thereby highlighting the tummy – which can look frumpy. On the other hand, if you still prefer a belt to hold your pants or skirts, opt for a basic, plain, non-discreet belt. You can also wear a blouson top or a tunic, with a few inches pulled-up over the belt to form a tummy concealing look. A dark colored belt or matte-finished leather gives a slimming appearance. You need to stay away from big, colorful belts though.

Skinny or Petite Waist:

Play up your skinny waist with a narrow belt to make it look skinnier. A wide belt may not look proportionate for your figure as they will completely engulf you. You can go for a medium sized belt or a thin belt to keep your body in better proportion. Chain belts would also look good on you. Another option is to wear a broad belt in a soft fabric [avoid leather]. This helps you to gently add volume to the waist. Thin belts look great with tailored trousers.

Image Soure; Latestfashionblog

Boyish Waist:

 Boyish type figures generally remain the same throughout. There is no much difference between the waist and the hip. Well, belts are great at giving you shape. They give you the waist definition you never thought you had. A wide broad one would look quite flattering on boyish figures. High waist skirts and pants will accentuate your shape and draw attention to your waist. Multiple or layered look by combining two or three belts together will make your waist look curvier. Apart from accentuating the waist, this look can create a bold style statement too.


Image Source: latestfashionblog


Heavy Hips:

If you are heavy on the hips it’s advisable to go for dark-colored low snug belts. Wear the belt slightly lower, not directly on the waist. This will help you cut down on the proportion between the waistline and the hips. If you’re wearing it on the waist, go for thinner belts but make sure it isn’t too tight. Another method is to wear a large belt right under the bust. This look is great for highlighting the bust and taking the attention away from large or heavy hips.

Image Source: Dianesbeachwear

A tip: Match your belt to your shoes and see the difference!!!

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