The New Trend: Colored Skinny Jeans

Posted: December 14, 2011 in FaYo

The new trend that is making waves now is the skinny jeans.  And yes, before you can argue, it’s not the indigo one; it now comes in flashing colors like yellow, pink, shocking red, electric blue etc.  Deep pigmented colors are all the rage now. Since its fitting from the hips to the ankles, the look tends to emphasize fat hips and thighs. So you need to pay a little attention to balance the look.  The key is to coordinate it well.  Here are few ways on how you can wear the hot piece.

  • Let the tops be in neutral colors, preferably white, grey or black. Either wear it loose or let it skim your body, but never go for tight fitting tops with skinny jeans as it is very difficult to carry the look [ unless and until you have a figure to die for] .  Personally I feel a loose-fitting top in a neutral color is a perfect option for the colored skinny jeans.
  • Colored jeans have to be skinny. Do not wear them flared.
  • Since the color of the jeans is bright enough to draw attention, it is advisable that you keep the rest of the attire as simple as possible.  Do not opt for brightly colored accessories. Don’t over –accessorize too.  Go for just one statement piece like a great watch or silver hoop earrings. If you are carrying a tote bag, choose neutral colors like a black or tan.
  • If you prefer wearing more colors, restrict it to just three or fewer. For instance, a deep red top can be worn with a yellow and white striped shirt.   Do not wear flashy colors like red, blue or green together.
  • Colored jeans can make your legs appear shorter; hence choose shoes like wedges or pumps to elongate your legs.  But assure you keep your footwear in a neutral color, something that either complements your jeans or your top.  However, if you have long and thin legs you can opt for flat shoes or sandals as they are great with colored jeans.
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