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Wearing a Watch…

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Accessories


  • If you are wearing a dressy watch please stay away from bracelets or bangles.
  • A diamante watch can be worn with a corporate wear or for an evening.
  • Try experimenting with straps of various colors and styles depending on the occassion.
  • Adjust the fit to make sure that it looks great on your wrist.
  • If you have a bright contrast watch, wear it with a single color outfit.
  • As far as possible try to complement your shoes with your watch. For instance, if you are wearing a metal colored shoe, match the watch with the shoes for a ‘pulled together’ look.
  • Lastly, make sure you get a good manicure done to emphasize the look.



Square faces have a strong angular jaw. The jaw is basically strong and square. If the width of the forehead matches the width of the chin you have a square face.
Style Tips:

  • Sunglasses: Round, oval or cat style frames.
  • Opt for frames that minimizes the sharp angles and adds soft curves. Pick ones that are wider rather than longer. Curved frames can soften a square face.
  • Avoid frames that are extremely geometric.
  • Go for long earrings. Hoops, long teardrops, danglers are all great for you. Just make sure you avoid sharp angles and square shapes that echo your face shape.
  • Neck piece: Opt for neck pieces that hit at your cleavage.

Round shaped faces are widest around the cheekbones and slightly tapers upwards and downwards in exact proportions.
Style Tips

  • Sunglasses: Rectangular and square frames.
  • Opt for frames that make your face appear thinner and longer. Go for pointy styled, oval frames or frames with higher temples that create a longer profile.
  • Round faces can opt for long earrings with sharp angles to give the impression of length to a round face.
  • The idea is to draw the eye downward instead of a circle.
  • To add angles to your face, go for square, rectangular and oblong earrings, as they are angular earrings and of course dangle as well.
  • Avoid tiny studs, button earrings or circular shaped earrings like the hoops as they make your face appear wider and rounder.


Oval shaped faces are tapered at the forehead and chin. The length measurements are longer than any of the width measurements.
Style Tips:

  • Sunglasses: Oval shaped faces are the most lucky ones as any type of glasses and frames look good on you.
  • Since everything works for you, try experimenting with different shapes of glasses.
  • You can carry off any earring styles with ease. Grab those hoops, studs, button earrings, tear-drop earrings or go classic with diamonds and pearls.
  • However avoid exceedingly long shapes that will pull down the shape of your face
  • Neck pieces: Most styles go with your face shape. Lucky you!


  • Sunglasses : Rimless frames, cat style frames.
  • Stay away from over sized sunglasses as they make your chin appear pointed and spiky.
  • Opt for styles that soften the lower part of the face.
  • Go for earrings that balance the cheekbones.
  • Chandeliers, inverted triangular shaped designs, oval shaped, dangles with chunky styles at the bottom are all great for heart shaped faces.
  • Avoid short or circular shaped earrings.