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Pear Shaped Body Type

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Pear Shaped figures are a couple of sizes smaller above the waist and larger below. The hips are basically wider than the shoulders and the thighs are rounded. They usually have a small top-half and a flat stomach. The idea is to draw the attention away from the lower half of the body for a more balanced and proportionate look. Here are few tips.

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o A-Line skirts or dresses that fall around or below the knee area draw attention away from the hips.

o Straight leg or a slight boot cut trouser leg works best on pear shaped figures. Stay away from hi-waist pants.

o Avoid pants that narrow at the bottom. In fact, avoid pieces that make you look wider at the bottom.

o Avoid light colored pants or skirts. In addition, stay away from heavy patterns, loud prints or details such as large pockets around the hips.

o V-necks, open collars or turtle necks brings the attention upwards to the face. Remember, the more flattering the neck line is, the more likely it is to draw the eye upwards.

o Stay away from very tight or baggy shirts and tops. Instead opt for fitted [ but not skin tight] shirts and tops or button front tops. Choose bold and bright colors on the top and keep your lower half simple.

o A wrap dress is an ideal addition to your wardrobe, as it drapes the body in such a way that the lower portion is camouflaged, while your best curves are highlighted.

o Avoid jackets that are too long as they can make your bottom half appear bigger.

o Use accessories to enhance your shape and look. Focus on accessorizing the upper portion of your body, instead of heavy belts and embellishments on the lower half.

o Accessories such as scarves, chunky necklaces and chandelier earrings can make you appear flirty and fun. However, do not load yourself with too many bulky pieces. The key is to maintain a balance.


Apple Shaped Body Type

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Apple shaped figures are generally heavier on the top than the bottom. The shape bears the resemblance to an inverted triangle. They have a heavy chest with narrow hips and thin legs. The key is to ideally divert the attention away from the upper body to create a proportionate silhouette. Here are few tips on it.

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o Boat necks and V-necks are for this body type as they can make the bosom appear smaller.

o Wear long tops to avoid highlighting the waist. Knits or woven fabrics with stretch go well with this body type.

o Tops should generally cover the hip area to bring in that perfect balance. Avoid shoulder pads. Empire cut tops, wrap tops and dresses can camouflage any extra weight in the waist section.

o Stay away from tops that include a lot of detailing and ruffling. Keep it simple and neat. Also, avoid tight or clingy tops that highlight your problematic areas.

o Choose flat front pants or trousers than the pleated ones. You can make use of detailing on your skirts and pants to draw attention there. Low-rise jeans with a boot cut looks fabulous on this body type.

o Play up long legs with short [an inch above the knee] skirts. You can also play with bright colors and patterns on your pants and skirts.

o You can choose monochromatic outfits as well, as they create an overall impression of length by drawing the attention away from your width.

o Play with accessories. Wear chandelier earring to bring the attention to your charming face. Classy shoes and boots can complete your overall look. Use belts to cinch your tops and dresses to the narrowest part of your waist.

Hour Glass Figure

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Hourglass figure, quite curvy and proportionate, is the most sought after body shape. They have an ideal proportioned upper and lower halves with a well-defined waist. With just a few pieces of clothing, you can create various looks. However, here are few tips to make the most of your figure.

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o An important item is a good bra, with the correct cup size, to make any outfit look appealing and presentable.

o Opt for tops that are simple and not too tight. They should skim your body with a sensuous drape.

o Open necklines such as U-neck and V-neck appear flattering. They make the chest and face seem slimmer.

o Jackets and tops with a belt will look great on you as they can highlight your waist.

o Wrap dresses cinch at the middle showing off your curves. Basically dresses that are fitted on the top and have an A-line cut can look great in you.

o Darker colors on the bottom makes your hip look slimmer.

o Avoid excessive detailing at the hips to maintain a perfect balance.

o Most style of pants will suit you however, wear pants or trousers with slight flare instead of tapered ones. But do not opt for heavy flares.

o Your curves and legs can be your best assets. Opt for skirts that show off your legs. Pencil skirts give the illusion of a chic silhouette as they balance the waist and hip.

A Tip: Hourglass figures have well-defined waists. Hence, focus on drawing the attention to the waists such as a great belt . Never be afraid to show off your slim waist as it is most flattering part of your body.

Rectangular Shaped Body Type

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Body types
Rectangular shaped also known as a ‘ruler’ or termed as ‘boyish figures’ are a rare shape. For this type of a frame there is no big difference between the waist and the hips. They are generally straight with little definition. The idea is to define your curves to give you a curvaceous womanly figure.

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o To make hips look fuller, wear flared or A-line dresses that add the idea of curves.

o The empire style dresses creates the illusion of a fuller chest.

o Short skirts, paired with knee high boots look cool on rectangular shaped women.

o Bolero style jackets or shrugs can make the bust line appear fuller. Tops with padding can also give the illusion of a large chest.

o Wrap and tie style tops look flattering on this body type. They add some extra definition and shape to your figure.

o Tops that have gathers at the side bring in a more feminine appeal. Also, tops that cinch at the waist add some curves to the overall figure.

o Go for tops that have plenty of detailing as they break the straight lines of the rectangular shaped figures.

o Broad belts worn at a slant highlight the hips.

o Opt for trousers that slightly flare at the bottom. Stay away from cuffs as it can make your legs appear small.

o Avoid pattern less clothing or baggy clothes. Stay away from clingy styles as they will not add any definition or fullness to your slim frame.

o Avoid stripes, especially vertical stripes as they can make you appear thinner than you actually are.


Rectangle or boyish figures are shaped evenly from top to bottom. They naturally lack curves. Many models belong to this category.
The Ideal Dress: Styles that clinch at the waist and flares out below gives the illusion of the curves.
Camouflage : Flat Chest.
Flaunt : Slender hips and narrow waist.
Length : Knee length or just above the knee would be a great fit.

  • Do not settle for big prints. Go for medium prints.
  • Extensive puffs or gathers on sleeves look great on you.
  • Draw attention to the waist by accessorizing it with a trendy belt or ribbon.
  • Frills and ruffles add a touch of femininity.
  • Play with bright colors.