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Fashion Photography

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Fashion Careers

Fashion photography is an exceptionally interesting and challenging field. Imagine the joy of transforming an ordinary looking girl into a gorgeous diva. The key is to create visual stories. The possibilities for progressing in this direction includes working in advertising companies, fashion magazines, fashion house, opening a studio or freelancing.

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Start a website or a blog and display your collection. This will help a great deal in showcasing your talent globally. The idea is to get your photographs seen and noticed by as many as people. Putting them online is an effective way to do this. And also make a good portfolio and keep it handy at all times.

It’s not essential that you need to have a degree in photography. However, a formal education in the subject is an added advantage. The training you get will help you abundantly. Special attention should be given to factors like lightning and color and a formal education can help you get that. Moreover, photographers need to know how to make use of software programs that help to edit images. Be it a degree program or a vocational training, photographers do require technical expertise.

You can also undergo a training with established or renowned photographers who have made a mark in this field. And in any case, it’s recommended that you begin by joining as an assistant to a good photographer and then gradually work your way up. In addition, interpersonal skills are essential as you have to deal with numerous clients. You need to be able to work with different kinds of people and be sensitive to their moods.

Travelling to interesting places is one of the benefits as a fashion photographer. It is a pioneering job that won’t keep you behind the desk all day long. What’s more is that you get to develop relations with renowned celebrities. Now, how cool is that?


Fashion Designers

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Fashion Careers

Fashion designing is a profitable business if you have the ability, talent, panache and the flair for it. It is not an easy job and designers should be a lot creative and innovative. He/she must be able to conceptualize fashion and produce garments that can become trends.

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The two most common types in fashion are ‘Prêt-a Porter,’ and ‘Haute Couture.’ Haute Couture are hi-fashion garments which are ‘one-of-its-kind,’ and typically meant for the upper class. Pret -a-Porter are ready to wear garments that are produced in bulk. They are further divided into casual wear, evening wear, party wear, swim wear, sports wear, maternity wear etc. The designers can specialize in any one area, by creating a niche for themselves. They can work with any established designers or work as freelancers. They can also work in export houses, buying houses or publications for more guidance on the subject.

There are designers who have made a mark in the field of fashion without any formal training or degree. But, in these days of high fashion having a formal education in designing can take you a long way, especially when you are looking for job. Once you’re done with your education, create a good portfolio. A portfolio says a lot about the designer’s skills and his/her expertise in the field. It has to reflect the designer’s artistic capacity and skill.

Do a lot of networking with other established designers models, photographers, agents etc. Grab the slightest opportunity that come by your way. Once you’ve made your mark, you can then be choosy about your assignments. The key is to build your name as much as possible. Read magazines and watch programs related to your field. Keep yourself updated on the latest trends and happenings of the industry. Create a website or start a blog of your own to make your collection visible to the whole world.

Among all the careers that exist is the fashion industry, a fashion designer’s is the most significant one. Everybody will have to be connected to the designer in some way or the other. It’s that beneficial!

Fashion Buying

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Fashion Careers

Fashion buyers forecast industry trends and transform them into effective business proposals. Careers in fashion buying are extremely popular and challenging.

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As a fashion buyer, you need to know what trends sold in the past and what is likely to be popular in the future. It is advisable to keep yourself updated on the changes in trends. You need to have a thorough knowledge of what’s been happening with the fashion changes in the past as this will help you decide what’s needed in the future. In fact fashion buyers must work months in advance, so that the goods are ready when the season starts. It helps to have a formal degree in fashion buying. You can also opt for an internship with the major stores and established companies to gain sufficient experience.

Attend fashion shows and keep yourself updated on all the latest aspects of fashion. Make a meticulous research on the quick selling styles, fads and other trends in the past and the present. Also, be original, inventive, organized and be primed to take risks. Work on your communication and interpersonal skills, as you might have to take bold decisions.

A fashion buyer gets to know about the newest and hot trends before anybody else does. You get the privilege of setting trends and predict what the next hot thing will be. You get to travel globally and meet interesting people. You also get to order interesting items from the major fashion capitals of the world. On the whole fashion buying is a very thrilling career, after all very few get the opportunity to formulate and set trends.

Fashion Merchandising

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Fashion Careers

Fashion Merchandising is growing immensely as a promising career. As a fashion merchandiser, he/she acts as a liaise between the production team and the buyer. A merchandiser is responsible for the planning, production and distribution of the finished product.


Apart from studying the buyer’s needs, they need to work closely with the designers to come with fresh products that is in par with the latest trends. In short, careful planning and a methodical marketing knowledge is needed to succeed in this area.

Fashion merchandisers can also work as visual merchandisers. Being a visual merchandiser, you can create visually flattering displays of merchandise in the most imaginative way. You need to be able to draw the customers attention and ultimately get them to procure the merchandise.

Though a degree is not a must it’s still an added advantage. A formal education would help you to have a good understanding of the types of fabrics, along with subjects that include fashion and marketing aspects. Fashion merchandisers can work in export houses, buying houses, large retailers stores etc.

Though, fashion merchandising is entirely behind the curtain job, it is an essential part of the fashion industry. It is not a simple task and merchandising requires good experience, along with smart negotiations and impressive interpersonal skills. You need to be able to negotiate with both suppliers and buyers to conclude on a deal.

Though it doesn’t seem like an easy job, it’s still an interesting and challenging career. As long as you have the drive and passion, merchandising is as appealing as it may seem.

With numerous fashion editorials, journals and magazines increasing day by day, there is a huge demand for fashion journalists. A recent study revealed that writing jobs are expected to considerably increase by 2015.

There are numerous careers one can choose from, depending on their interests and talents. A fashion journalist can work as a freelancer or be employed. Freelance writers, freelance columnists, freelance reporters, staff writers, staff reporters, staff columnists, book authors and press release writers, are few of the various options available today.

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A majority of the jobs in the industry require at least a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or journalism. You can also get an internship with a renowned establishment and then pursue your career. Other basic requirements include good writing and communication skills. You also need to have a good knowledge about the fashion industry. It is advisable to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of fashion.

Browse through fashion magazines and watch programs related to the subject. Start contributing articles for your college magazine, local newspapers and other publications. Contribute as many as qualitative articles possible. Apart from the usual aspects of glitz and glamour, focus on the national and international market, export businesses and other situation analysis. These days there are numerous blogs cropping out. Start a blog for yourself and pour out your ideas. Blogging is a good way to develop your skill on writing.

The benefits of being a fashion journalist are numerous. You get to travel globally and have the opportunity to work with established designers, models or celebrities of the fashion fraternity. What’s more is that the perks and other advantages of being a fashion journalist is too attractive.

Fashion Stylist

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Fashion Careers

Do you have a flair for style? Then think Fashion Styling. Styling is all about making people feel and look good, both inside and out. It is an art to combine things together to form a beautiful piece. People love you because you make them feel wonderful.

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Stylist are generally of three categories – celebrity stylists, image stylists and image consultants. A fashion stylist’s career provides thrilling opportunities. Fashion shoots, fashion shows, music videos, movies, advertisements and TV shows are few areas where a stylist can work.

Fashion stylists require more than a good taste. He/she must also have an understanding of the different body types and create looks that brings out the best in them. The ability to combine usual pieces and use them in unusual ways is a must. It’s not it, a stylist must have the ability to work within the client’s budget, and yet bring out the best in him/her. In addition, he/she must be able to influence a client without overriding them.

Having a formal education in fashion and styling is an added advantage. To start with, you can even experiment with your family and friends to put your creative skills to practice. As a stylist, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and the happenings in the world of fashion. Browse through the fashion magazines and watch fashion related programs regularly. Have a portfolio of your work . To make it more effective, make a column that indicates ‘before makeover’ and ‘after makeover,’ as this gives the client an idea of your style of creation. In addition, create a website that indicates your nature of work, the offers you provide, and include in as many as quality information possible.

The best part of the job is that you don’t need big investments. You can practice on your own and slowly build a full –fledged career. You get to be in touch with the world’s most stylist people. From working with celebrities, to styling a house wife, there are numerous areas in which fashion stylists can use their talent. The future is just bright !