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We have always heard the phrase that ‘high heels are dangerous.’ High heels causes several health issues related to the knees, back and spine. And when it becomes too difficult to manage people just switch on to flat shoes. But, did you know that flats are dangerous too?


There have been a rise in the number of foot injuries in the past few years caused by flat shoes like flip flops and ballerinas. Though convenient, these shoes can cause severe pain in the back and shins. People scuff their feet instead of walking which wrecks the posture of the body and results in severe pain. The reason being, when you scuff your feet the ligaments tend to get stretched causing rigorous pain which in turn causes bunions. [ A bunion is a painful condition caused by the deformity of the bones at the first joint of the big toe]. It’s not it, the knee caps can also get swollen resulting in severe pain. And if the shoes have hard insoles the effect is even worse. Whether they are flat or high heeled, it’s best to stay away from footwear that has hard insoles.

In fact walking with heels has its own benefits. It modifies the center of gravity preparing your legs to generate muscle and toning them particularly in the calf and thighs. And for those who suffer from bad blood circulation wearing one inch heels can actually improve the amount of blood flowing from the legs to the upper bosy. Apart form it it also aids in proper alignment of the lower back muscles giving the illusion of a hale and healthy curve at the back. This does not mean you can walk in a six inch heel and still remain healthy. The ideal height is one to one and a half inch heel as it improves your calf muscles. Another aspect is to wear different kinds of heel lengths at different times. Do not stick on to one particular length for a long period.


Most of the severe foot conditions are caused by improper footwear and women are prone to these conditions five times more than men. Experts say that our feet carries us between 55,000 and 120,000 miles in our lifetime. Hence it is only fair that we take proper care after all our feet carries our entire body.