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One of the secrets of great looking legs no matter what, is a pair of high heels. Many women like the look of it but stay away from them because they find it tough to keep teetering in stilettos or heels. You can learn to walk in a pair of heels comfortably by following these suggestions.

Make sure you buy the right size. They shouldn’t be tight enough to pinch your feet or loose enough to just slip off. The fit has to be perfect in order for them to be comfortable.

Begin with a heels of medium height for the start . Also, the thicker the heel the better as it gives more balance. Practice wearing the heels at home on a flat surface for few minutes everyday.

Start by stepping on your heels with your toes pointing straight ahead. Keep your legs close together. Swing your arms as you walk. Walk straight, pay attention to your posture and keep looking forward.

You can apply a moisturizing lotion before you wear your heels. This will keep your skin soft and the straps tend to slide back and forth evenly, thereby avoiding abrasions and blisters.

Opt for shoes that have soft inner soles and firm stitching. Also, look out for ones with straps as they provide more support and comfort.

Keep your high heels for special occasions and avoid it when you have to walk a lot or perform energetic activities. Wear them during the day or during the evening, but not both.

Wear heels at least two to three times each week. In course of time your feet will get accustomed to your weight being applied consistently. If you put them on only once in a while, it can cause a lot of irritation because of weight fluctuation.

The next time you try your high heels do keep the above tips in mind.