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A hoodie also called as ‘hooded sweatshirt’ is every fashionista’s favorite. It is a more popular style among the youth, to depict the street fashion. In fact, they are the most coveted piece of clothing that is admired by the boys and girls alike as they are practical, functional and comfortable piece of clothing. And, my personal favourite too 🙂                                                                               

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Hoodies are not popular just in western countries but is a hot favorite in India too. Just because the climate is comparatively hot, there are not many chances of wearing them. But come winter, you can grab these hoodies to create your style statement. It’s a unisex style and a staple for any urban wardrobe.

It’s best worn during the winter days to protect oneself from the chilling climate. It serves a nice purpose by protecting the ears, shoulders, neck and head and still appears stylish and cool. It is a great attire for travelling as well.

Typically, the design includes a hood, generally attached with a drawstring to adjust the hood and large frontal pockets. The large pockets in the front are great for carrying anything from a mobile phone to a personal diary or to just keep your hands tucked in. If the hoodie includes a zipper, it is termed as ‘zip hoodies’ or ‘zip-ups.’ Though zipper styles look cool, many prefer it without zippers. However, the style is more rugged without the zippers.
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Wear it loose or tight; it still gives a sophisticated look. You can wear a hoody by itself or put on a tee or a top underneath with the zipper left half open. A hoodie can also be worn under a jacket. You can team it with shorts, jeans or trousers. But it looks great with casual wear such as jean or cargo instead of trousers and pants. Thus it can be worn in various ways to create different looks.

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Since a hoodie covers the whole of upper body, there’s isn’t any necessity for accessories. Just a cool bag should do the trick. As for footwear, anything from sports shoes to stilettos would look great. For a more sophisticated look, pair it up with trendy looking boots,
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In addition, it can be used by the well-endowed to hide all the lumps and bumps and still appear chic and fashionable. Unlike tops, jackets or just about any form of clothing, hoodies take less than five seconds to put it on. Now, do we need more reasons to own a hoodie?