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Pear Shaped or Triangle Shaped:

Pear shaped or triangle shaped women are smaller from waist up and larger from waist down. Boot cut or straight leg styles work best for pear shaped women. The slightly flared hem in this style minimizes thighs and balances out a broad hip. Go for dark washes and avoid rear pockets or huge embellishments at the backside.

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Apple Shaped or Inverted Triangle:

Apple shaped are heavier on the top from waist up , with the lower half of the body being narrow. Since they have slim hips, apple shaped women can opt for low rise styles. Low rise flared or boot cut styles can balance heavy shoulders with the lower half of the body. Go for dark colors on the top, while adding volume to your lower half with lighter hues. Since you have slender legs, skinny legs are also a great option.

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Rectangle or Boyish Shaped:

Rectangle shaped women are shaped evenly from top to bottom. They naturally lack curves. Skinny jeans work well with this type of figure because the slender cut at the calves makes hips look broader adding curves to a flat behind. Boot cut or jeans with slight flare at the bottom can also create the illusion of curves and a rounder bottom. Play around with wide belts.

Hour Glass Shaped:

Hour glass shaped women are evenly proportioned. The waist is smaller than the bust and hips. Ladies of this shape can easily wear skinny jeans or low rise styles to highlight the curves. Go for your most flattering cut to play up your shapely silhouette by accentuating your positive features. If you are carrying some weight in the tummy opt for mid-rise jeans instead of low cut.

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