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If you have thick ankles do not wear flimsy, strappy heels. Avoid ankle straps which cut across the ankle. Stay away from ballerina -style shoes as well, as they make your ankles appear thicker than they actually are.

People with skinny legs should avoid thin, wobbling heels as they will only make you appear thinner. On the other hand, if your feet is too big, stick to shoes or sandals that cover them at their widest point. While wearing sandals, opt for ones that have small heels as they make your calves appear thinner.

If you are pear shaped [ thin on the top and large on the bottom half], shun the petite kitten heels. It will not balance your overall look. Jeans, pants and trousers should fall to the bottom of the heel.

You do not always have to wobble in high heels to look hip. Flat sandals or flip-flops look great when paired with the right kind of outfit. However, avoid wearing them with tailored clothes, like suits, formal skirts or trousers. Flats look best when teamed with laid back clothing such as cropped pants or jeans.

Black shoes look best when teamed with darker colors. Hence, avoid black shoes with light-colored clothing unless they are exceptionally exquisite.

Shoes and bags can complete your overall look. Make sure that they complement each other. A safe bet is to first take care of the shoes to make it work with your outfit. Then choose a bag that compliments the overall look.

Finally, assure that your feet is well-maintained. Chipped nail polish or dry skin is a big turn -off.