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Socks are a subtle but considerable part of your look. Of course, there aren’t numerous rules to be followed. There are very few simple key points that needs to be taken care of. While socks rules are not plentiful, there are a shocking number of people out there breaking them every day. Remember, certain socks are only for special occasions and certain colors are only for special outfits .
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o The color of your socks should compliment the shade of your pants and not the color of your shoes. Black pants should go with black socks and gray pants with gray socks. When in doubt, simply opt for a dark color.

o Do keep in mind, white socks is not an appropriate formal wear. Leave it for the sporting activities. Remember, people do notice your socks when you sit down and cross your legs. Toss it or keep it close to your casual or work out clothes. White socks are for the kids and to the gym. The minute a lady sees you wearing white socks with shoes you can be exposed as a weakling. Sorry!

o Do not wear athletic socks with your dress shoes [ formal ones]. Athletic socks are made of heavier material, so they tend to bulge out when worn with dress shoes making it appear odd. Hence team your dress shoes with dress socks only.

o Rolling your socks down to your ankle makes it appear dowdy and sloppy. It also makes your ankles appear chunky particularly when you wear slim-cut pants. Moreover, hairy legs exposed in a corporate setting is a big turn – off. Your socks pulled up creates a continuous smooth silhouette, hence see that its UP!

o Since socks go through a lot of wear and tear, its recommended that you change them at least once every six months. You need to have a minimum of five pairs to get you going. Socks with visible holes can reflect your negligence and careless attitude.

o Socks with shorts? It’s a big no. It violates the rules of sock etiquette. But, if you really want to wear socks try ankle length ones which do not peep out from your sneakers. And please avoid socks with sandals as well. It reflects an immature look.

Men’s socks are over and over again a forgotten piece of clothing. But do understand that it is an important item to complete the silhouette from head to toe. After all, who doesn’t like a well dressed man?