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Balloon Dress

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Types of dresses
The latest trend that is catching up in the runaway is the balloon dress. Yes, it’s not something new. It was the trend during the 60’s and now has come back with a bang. In fact, fashion this season has been more of the revival of sixties trend, but has been put forward in a more trendy and contemporary form.

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Balloon dresses comes in different shapes and lengths and fashionistas seem to be adorning this new fashion trend in parties and functions. They come as waistline balloon dresses, off -shouldered balloon dresses, hem-line balloon dresses and fitted knee length balloon dresses that flare at the bottom. Designers give it an innovative touch. And as a balloon dress, whatever shape and form it takes, the bulkiness will be there to stay. It is a very comfortable attire and can be worn for almost all occasions; be it a glam party or a girl’s night out.

But this form of dress doesn’t suit every body type. It’s meant for people with a slim frame. If you are on the larger side, a balloon dress can make you appear larger than you actually are, despite hiding the fat. Unless you are stick thin or have a slim frame, balloon dresses will only add to the extra bulk. In addition, it doesn’t suit the shorter women too. Since, it adds volume and highlights the lower portion of the body, it doesn’t look too appealing on shorter women . It’s just meant for tall and thin frames. In fact, it suits the western body type more.


The Kaftan Dress

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Types of dresses
A Kaftan or caftan dress is basically two lengths of fabrics that are joined together vertically with space left for the arms and neck

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It has become a stunner summer staple. The style can be worn as a figure hugging dress or stitched loosely like a flowing tent. It comes in various shapes and sizes and be worn short or long.

Short tunic dresses can be worn as a great cover -up on beaches. You can wear them clinched at the waist for an appealing silhouette. V-necks are flattering on big busted women.

To use it as an evening wear, team it with a pair of skinny jeans and a wide belt or a sash. Though flowing dresses are great, avoid exceedingly loose ones which drown the figure.

What’s better way to dress it up other than your favorite accessories. A classic tote bag and shades can jazz up your look instantly. Dress it up with chandelier earrings or chunky bracelets for a more refined look. Wearing your loose hair or teaming it with a wide-brimmed hat is quite hips and classy as well.
It’s popularity lies in the fact that it suits all body types and ages. With that said, kaftan dress is fashionable, timeless and ageless – not a bad idea to have it as an wardrobe essential.

Shift Dress

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Types of dresses

Shift dresses are more or less like the sheath dress. The difference is that a sheath is figure hugging while a shift dress is slightly loose at the waist and the hips.

Sheath Dress

Posted: July 12, 2009 in Types of dresses



Sheath dress has a defined waistline and a figure hugging silhouette, typically flattering on a hour glass figure. I personally feel it is a great formal wear and an excellent alternative to a business suit.
The dress comes with numerous necklines such as bateau, jewel, sweetheart or deep V-neck. If you are using it as a formal wear, avoid deep revealing necklines.

Sleeveless sheath dresses are perfect in an formal environment if your workplace allows. However, if you are not comfortable, slip on a fitted blazer. Avoid bold prints in an corporate environment.

The length can be anywhere from above the knee to mid calf. You can always wear it with leggings or tights if you are conscious about showing your legs.

A thick belt in the waist further accentuates the feminine appeal. Its fitting silhouette creates an excellent base for layering trendy cardigans and jackets.

It also creates the illusion of long legs. High heels is probably the best footwear with sheath dress. Wear the highest heel you possibly can. It emphasizes the shape of your legs by flattering the curves of your ankles and calves.

The elegant style can be further enhanced with some great accessories. A metallic brooch, a diamond necklace or or a ornate bracelet can make the look exceedingly sophisticated.

While basic black is suited for a corporate environment, you can choose bold and bright colors for other occasions. Here are few other ways to create different looks.

  • To glam up as a party dress, pair it with classic accessories. Throw on a classic scarf or wear a statement making neck piece or carry a elegant bag and leave your hair down.
  • Slip a t-shirt underneath a sheath dress and you can wear it as a jumper.
  • For the colder days, wear a turtle neck beneath the dress. It’s highly chic and classy.
  • Wear a top, a shirt or a sweater on top of the dress and no one will ever know it is a sheath dress. It gives the illusion of a skirt.

As you see, you can try the possibilities to create different looks is endless. All you have to do is be creative and experiment with different styles. Unless you experiment you never know what flatters your body type and what will not.

Baby Doll Dress

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Types of dresses

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A baby doll dress is a short nightgown which is generally worn as a nightwear. It is often adorned with bows, lace and ruffles, staying true to its name. It gained popularity during 1956 when the movie ‘ Baby Doll’ starring Carroll Baker hit the big screen. She wore childlike costumes in the movie and created a revolution by introducing a new form of dress. In due course the style evolved from a night dress to high street fashion where women of all shapes started experimenting the trend.

The style skims gracefully on the body emphasizing your best assets like a great pair of legs. They do not have a defined hip line or waist line. They just flow below the chest to create a free silhouette.

Baby doll dresses come in different fabrics like chiffon, satin, georgette etc. Certain styles are intended for day wear. They come in various styles, patterns, colors and designs. These dresses are also worn as lingerie or negligee in fabrics such as fishnet or mesh.

However, if the cut is not perfect on your body it can look horrendously frumpy. It is usually three to six inches above the knee. Nevertheless, too short is too tarty. Leave it for the teens and twenties. If you are above thirty, never opt for a short hemline.

Women with fuller thighs can team it with leggings, tights or skinny jeans. Opt for a pointed -toe shoe as they enhance the line of the leg making you appear taller and slimmer.

A bias cut style, trendy A-line cuts or sleeveless can be worn for an evening out. Pair it with a pair of high heels. It is also perfect as a beach wear. Team it with a trendy pair of flip flops to add the jazz.

Finally choose colors with care as they have invigorating effects and hidden messages in them.

Wrap Dress

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Types of dresses

One of the most versatile and timeless style that fits most body types is the wrap dress. It crisscrosses over the bust, with the skirt falling gently below. The wrap style is such that it skilfully separates, raises the bust and creates the illusion of an hour glass figure. This is just as true for wrap sty;es tops as it is for dresses.
  • It’s one of the best styles or rather the best style to be worn by women with heavy busts. It takes the attention away from the bust giving it a more proportionate look.
  • If you are on the larger side avoid horizontal lines and big prints. Instead opt for vertical or diagonal lines and small prints to compliment your frame.
  • If you can carry the look, the wrap style can also be worn with a classy tee, or a turtle neck underneath. The wrap dress or top is also great for pregnant women who want to stay comfortable and stylish.
  • For a good waist definition, choose a wrap sty;e with rouching effect. It is a comfortable outfit for travelling as well as it hardly requires ironing.
  • The wrap dress can be dressed up or down to create various looks. Team it with a classic bag and a chic pair of pumps for a formal look or wear it with opaque tights (or leggings ) for a more casual look.
  • Accessorize it with a wide belt, chunky wedge shoes, a big classic tote bad and don’t forget your shades.

Toga Dress

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Types of dresses





An excellent dress for spring and summer, a toga dress suits almost all body types. However, you need to choose the right style and cut that accentuates your figure.

  • Go for loose styles if you wish to camouflage a bulky tummy. Since they drape loosely in the front, they are perfect for hiding large tummies. On the other hand, opt for more fitted styles if you have a great body. Pick up a ruched style to compliment your bust line.
  • Go for styles that do not have too much of fabric as it leaves you floating in the dress. If you have fat arms and prefer to hide it, choose a cap sleeved style with a v-neck.
  • Belts around the waist will keep you intact so that you don’t get lost in the floating dress. Certain styles also come with ribbon belts or bands attached with the dress.
  • One shoulder toga dress do not go with few body types. Hence experiment with various styles and look for the cut that flatters your body type.
  • High heeled platform sandals or roman sandals are a great combination with toga dress. Add a large statement necklace or jumbo jewelry for a Desi look.
  • Finally, if you are looking for a style that will last for many seasons to come, leave the eye -popping colors or patterns and go for a classically draped toga dress in a neutral color that is timeless – because toga dress is here to stay.