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Types of Footwear

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Types of footwear

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Loafers are slip -on shoes that add a sporty touch to a casual attire. They are basically flat-heeled without laces or buckles. They have gained immense popularity in the recent years and is slowly taking its place in formal occasions too. Loafers come in wide variety of colors and designs and can be worn for many situations.

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Flip Flops:
A flip flop is a casual footwear which has ‘Y’ shaped straps and gives a flip-flop noise when you walk in them. The straps are not secured to the ankle – hence it makes the flip-flop sound. It is a chic footwear that can be worn for a casual day out.

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Stilettos are basically thin, long heels. It is a popular choice among the fashion conscious, in spite of the harm it causes because of its length. Nevertheless, they are chic cool and the perfect pair, to pair with any outfit.

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A sandal is a simple type of footwear that involves a sole which is secured by straps to the foot. The difference between sandals and other types of footwear is that, a sandal leaves most of the foot exposed. It is typically worn for comfort and ease during the warmer days as the feet tends to stay dry and cool.

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A mule is a backless shoe with a closed toe that is simple to slip in and slip out. The height of the heels can differ, but if the toes are closed and the backs are open they are termed as mules. There are different styles, worn by both men and women.

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Espadrilles is a colorful, casual footwear where the sole at the bottom is made of rope and the upper part is made of canvas. They can be high-heeled or flat, laced up the leg or tied at the ankle. It’s best when teamed with informal clothing as it adds a bohemian touch.

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Brogues are basically men’s traditional low heeled shoes. It has taken its place in the women’s world too Women adorn it as a casual, cool footwear. However, these days brogues come in variety of styles that includes heels of various heights, ranging from the traditional shoes to the hot and trendy ones.

Image source: wikimedia.orgClogs:
Earlier clogs were made wholly of wood. In the later days, clogs are designed in such a way that the soles are made of wood whereas the upper position is made from leather. The design of the shoe is such that the bottom part is shaped with an upward curve that goes from the mid-foot to the toe area. The curve provides the necessary support for the legs and feet.

Image source: Katdhann.files.wordpress.comUggs:
Uggs or ugg boots are made from pure sheepskin. Since it is extremely warm and comfortable it can be worn during cold weather. They are generally worn outside the trousers and is a major hit among the fashionistas over the past few years.

Image source: Pixarplanet.comCrocs:
Croc is a lightweight, plastic shoe that involves an ankle strap and several holes. The purpose of the holes are for the water to flow in and flow out- a perfect pair for the beach. Today it has become one of the most popular summer brands because of its versatility.