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Women go weak in their knees when it comes to shopping. There are times when we just can’t control ourselves. We tend to buy everything we like, whether we use them or not. Ultimately, we come home only to feel guilty and responsible. However, there are numerous ways of cutting down on added costs and meet your budget while shopping.
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Shop with a list:

Making a list of things before shopping will reduce your impulse buying. On getting there your list may get longer and longer and you may end up buying these that are not really essential. So if you prefer saving, stick to the original list – however difficult it may be.

Do not carry your credit card:

To swipe the credit card can be the most tempting thing to do while shopping. You tend to swipe more than you realize. The interest rates are likely to sore; after all you don’t want to mortgage your future, do you? Hence, leave the credit card at home while shopping.

Use cash or debit card :

Just carry cash. Take with you a stimulated amount for the items you need to buy. If you must use plastic, make use of a debit card. You will run out money sooner than you think. However, you’re still not in debt having to pay those high rates of interest. In fact you can do more purchases with the interest amount you pay the bank.” Think!

Avoid peak hours:

Avoid peak hours. Shopping in a crowd can be stressful and you may end up buying things out of frustration and impatience. Also, never shop when you are hungry. You tend to buy things you do not want or like.

Now, what to do if you have fallen for that red dress or the tempting brown boots that you can’t take your eyes off?

If you feel these items is not much of an essential just walk away. It is tempting, we know it – but just walk away. If you’re not able to get over them even while you are sleeping then go ahead –buy it. But assure yourself that you will save elsewhere to compensate with the budget. And keep giving a pep talk to yourself, that there are thousands of things you like but can’t buy. In fact you CAN still survive without those brown boots, can’t you?

Don’t be too hung on brands:

Brands are great, we know it. But there are thousands and thousands of unbranded stuff which is equally good and chic. Your wardrobe can be a happy mix of branded and unbranded items. The key to looking good is to wear what flatters your body. People are going to recognize you on that level and not check if you are wearing the most expensive brand.

Put on those mental blinkers as soon as you enter the store:

Wear your mental blinkers. Wear them straight so that you see no malevolence. Walk straight to the counter you need to pick the items from and get back home. Only go down the aisles you need.” – In short resist the irresistible gravitational pull.

Buy what’s essential:

When you are shopping at a sale, opt for items what is required and not because the product is at 70 percent rebate. Bringing home a washing machine doesn’t make sense if you are constantly giving your clothes to the laundry for a wash.

Forming mental images:

If you are tempted to buy that breath taking red stilettos which is heavily priced, imagine yourself binging on a rich creamy mouth watering black forest. Chances are you might leave the stilettos and move on. Well, it did work for me!”

Compare Prices:

Smart people do that. Check out in three or four shops before you settle on an item. Sometimes the prices of the brands you tend to buy regularly would have gone up and chances are you do not realize it. Take a look at the other brands as this gives you a fair idea of the market rates. Also, think before you get tempted by the ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ offers. Well, if you don’t need the darn item there is no point in bringing home two of them.

Discount Coupons:

Make use of the discount coupons you have collected on something you really need. While shopping, make use of the ‘points’ that the store offers. They can be converted to cash or you can perhaps settle on some nice gift.

Buy in bulk:

Buying in bulks will help you save a lot of money. When shopping in bulk or making large purchases, shop at the wholesalers rather than the convenience stores. You save quite a bit on a one-time investment than buying as separates. Not to mention that you would save on petrol and time this is pricey.

Shop Online:

Shopping online has become a popular phenomenon. You can compare things and shop at the luxury of your own house. Many a times the items on the net are much cheaper than what you get in the stores, because you shop directly from the manufacture. In addition, you are not paying for the overhead expenses. But, be really smart and assure that the source you are shopping from is genuine. Also, take the shipping charges into consideration.

Set Goals:

Set goals and priorities to make saving easier. All saving plans fall in place when you have a target in mind. You tend to overcome the sufferings of budget lapses by just saying ‘no’ to yourself.

These tips should be able to ease your financial burden when you go shopping the next time. Try it!