Would You Dare to Wear These Shoes ??

Posted: September 7, 2011 in FaYo
The apt ones to avoid people coming near you …wink wink !


Wondering if its really possible to walk in it ?? Kudos if you can!                               

Don’t be surprised if people crowd around you thinking you might need help !

Would people really prefer to wear boots of this color. Leave me alone- I love the color of my legs 😛

Colors, colors , colors …Ahhh! Too much of anything is good for nothing 😦

Please suggest me how do I wear it. Should my ankle rest on the top end or errr I guess Im slipping 😛

I don’t think I’ll lose my mobile everafter. Dare to rob…face the consequences ! But wait, do you think I’ll have to hunt for a similar size mobile that fits in my shoes ???

Ahhhh…Someone give me a walking stick for balance ….

Images Source: IDesigner-clothing


The Sari Rules

Posted: August 30, 2011 in FaYo
Over the years saris have been draped in many different ways. Though there are numerous ways in which one can drape, there are however few things that needs to be followed.

• Wear the sari low only if you are in great shape. In addition, one needs to be careful about wearing the sari too low as the fall of the sari tends to get caught in the footwear. Besides, the height of your footwear is essential to determine where your sari should reach.

• Wearing a petticoat with the sari brings out the feminity in the attire. Recently many have taken to tights and pants instead of a petticoat, but again it take away the beauty of the 6 yards. Additionally, petticoats should be in the right material – for instance, choose silk instead of cotton for special occasions.

• The pallu should fall beneath the hip and not shorter as it tends to look dowdy. If by any chance the sari is small, add an extra piece of fabric to the other end of the sari.

• Wearing sari according to your body type makes a lot of difference. The fabric and the design should complement your body type. For instance, if you are heavy built, choose light weight fabrics like chiffon, georgette or silk.

• The number of pleats in a sari can make a lot of difference. If the sari falls long, take smaller and denser pleats and if the sari is long opt for broader pleats to bring in that balance.

• If the sari is worn low, avoid wearing deep neck blouses. Likewise, if the blouse is a backless one, do not bare too deep in the front as much as your cleavage to be shown. You need to bare only one part to maintain the balance without looking vulgar.

Can you imagine the traditional lungi worn only by a certain sect of people is now making waves worldwide? Yes you heard it right; it’s the 2 meters traditional South Indian attire – Lungi.
Scarves, shirts, pants, dresses, jackets are some of the few that are made of this magical 2meters fabric.
                                                      IOU Project

The lungis are exported to Europe and the designers create various garments making it look chic and trendy. Apart from it, these garments are sold like hotcakes all over the world. It’s sad that people here do not know the value of it. However, the good news is that it has been recognized worldwide.
                                                  IOU Project

 ‘Madras checks,’ is the most preferred one. The colors and the bold checks can bring in a sophisticated look to the garment as a whole.
                                                   IOU Project

The tote bag from Prada is nothing but the ‘madras checks bag.’ You can even see the international celebrities spotting these bags.
                                                     IOU Project
Moreover, the lugis are considered to be totally environmental friendly as it is weaved and completely handmade.
I will not be doing any justice if I don’t mention Ms.Kavita Parwar. Starting THE IOU Project in Spain, she gets the handloom lungis from weavers in Kurinjipadi and transforms them into the trendiest outfits. She sells them online and those who have gone crazy looking at it [like me] you can log on to http://www.iouproject.com to make your online order. Here are more few pics created of out the magical fabric by IOU Project.


Jumpsuits for the Classy Gals

Posted: August 4, 2011 in FaYo
Jumpsuits, a hot piece of the 70’s are all the rage now. It has made a major comeback in 2010 and is still doing the rounds. All the classy ladies and fashionistas who want to have some fun, the jumpsuits are for you. It’s a hot favorite for the ladies of the tinsel town too.

                                      My Fashionista Gal Pal : Nisha Devadoss
It is one of the stylish attires where you don’t need a great body to carry the look. And, that’s what I love about jumpsuits. Whether it’s for running errands or for an evening out, it’s an apt clothing to bring out the diva in you. Its versatility is such that you can wear it for all seasons.

From loose and flowy jumpsuits to the tailored ones, there’s one for women of all ages and sizes. The look is effortless and quite convenient to wear. Though it comes in all lengths, I personally like the capri types. Polka dots, again a fashion of the 70’s, like the one below is really chic and brings in that vintage look with a twist.

                                                Image Source: Stylefashionetc.blogspot

 I feel a jumpsuit would look great without any accessories, however if you have to, its best you use just one chunky piece of accessory to jazz the overall look. Chandelier earrings, funky necklace, coolers, or a great belt is the way.
                                                                Image Source: Fashionbombdaily

Nonetheless, do not be fooled by its effortless look that it exudes. It can look sloppy if you cannot carry the look. Finally, wear it with heels or wedges to add that little pizzaz and wait for the compliments to flow in.

P.S : Unless you experiment you never know what suits you and what will not. Just take the plunge and try the jumpsuit, I promise you – you will love it. And if you do, I would love to hear it from you.

More Pics of the fab attire:
Fashion Boutiques

How to Match Ties to Shirts

Posted: May 29, 2011 in FaYo
There are so many ties out there. What are the rules? How many should one have in their wardrobe?  How do I mix and match? 

Basically how many ties depend on how often you wear them! Have an assortment of formal evening ties and day wear ties. Your collection of ties should compliment the range of shirts and suits in your wardrobe. Let the texture on the tie be very judicious and avoid anything too bold. 

With Plain White Shirts:

If you want to show off your stylized tie, put on a clean white shirt. Typically any color tie goes with a white shirt. Use this as a chance to bring out your bold ties to make a statement. A silk tie works for most occasions.  
                                                  Image Source: Esuppliersindia.com

 Solid color shirts:
A plain shirt with striped tie is the most common thing. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try anything beyond that.  With solid color shirts such as pale yellow or blue you can either match or wear contrast colors. Nonetheless, it requires some thought as the colors should complement each other. Hues like soft blue, light tan or pale pink can be easily coordinated with patterned ties. Coordinate colors that necessarily are not of the same hue but which visually complements each other. For instance, you can team a pale pink shirt with a navy blue tie or a pale tan shirt can be complemented with a brown tie. 
                                                             Image Source: Ezwans.blogspot.com 
Striped Shirts:

For a striped shirt, check on the colors in the shirt. Based on the colors, coordinate a tie accordingly. For a striped shirt, you need to play it safe as the tie should complement the shirt in terms of color and pattern. For instance, if the shirt is in stripes, you can choose a tie with box patterns or with polka dots. This tends to break the continuity of the stripes on the shirt by introducing a contrast pattern on the tie. Another option let the leading color of the shirt be the accent color of the tie and vice versa. For instance, you have a pale blue shirt with navy stripes; try to find a navy tie with pale blue accents.
                                                         Imagesource: Unitedmensfashion.com
You can also use diagonal striped pattern on the tie. Diagonal stripes are always classy and elegant. However the stripes on the tie and the stripes on the shirt should differ in sizes. The rule of the thumb is to wear it in 2:1 ratio. If the stripes on the shirt is ¼ inch than the stripes on the tie should be ½ inch.  This helps the tie to stand out rather than getting lost with the pattern of the shirt. 

Checkered Shirts:
The same rule applies to checkered shirts as in striped shirts. When the pattern is in checks, you can opt for a tie with diagonal stripes. But make sure that the color of the tie coordinates with that of the shirt.  Boxes and polka dots are also recommended but assure that the pattern on the tie is bigger than that of the shirt. While coordinating checks and stripes just remember this rule: smaller on the shirt, larger on the tie.  
 Patterned Shirts:

Mixing patterns is also a bit of trial and error. Try matching patterns on patterns with different sizes. Wear a soft striped shirt with perhaps thick diagonal striped tie. Follow the rule of keeping the larger pattern on the tie, the reason being if the patterns are too close it appears drab and dowdy. 
 Finally, it’s not about rules but the more about experimenting for a classier look. Hence the key is to experiment; keeping the above tips in mind and you will set style for style.


Shorts for Women

Posted: April 3, 2011 in FaYo
When summer comes the first hottest thing to make waves is the ‘shorts.’ So, if there is one item you need to have during the summer, it is a pair of shorts.

Shorts also called as hot pants are basically the shortened form of trousers. There are various types of shorts like the low waist, high waist, cotton shorts , silk shorts etc.  And, just how can it be dressed? Here are few tips on how you can choose a perfect pair of shorts.  

Earlier it was used only for casual purposes. But now it is worn even in a formal setting by teaming it with a great jacket or blazer. Nonetheless, avoid drastically short shorts if you are in a conservative atmosphere or in a corporate environment. In addition, if you have heavy thighs, choose longer length shorts. However, the main aspect is not the length; it’s about how well you carry it off. With the right fit and style, shorts can be a great escape from the boring pants.

                                                                                         Image Source: Millionlooks.com

Depending on your comfort zone you can wear shorts staring from four inches and extending till the knee.  In fact, the most flattering length is knee length. They elongate your legs making you appear taller, while short shorts suit the slim and well- toned bodies better. What’s more is that you can have heads constantly turning at you.

                                                   Image source: Marieclaire.com

Whether you admit it or not, shorts is all about showing skin.  Hence do not opt for tops that expose a lot. You can perhaps team it with a great tee. The key is the balance. Your overall look should be proportionate. The thumb of the rule is to wear looser fitting shorts with snugly fitting tops and vice versa. And, with very short shorts avoid revealing tops as they appear like the other version of swimsuits.
 Its not just to make a style statement but it is quite a comfortable item for the gym too. Running in perfect pair of shorts can boost the running capability by miles. Do consider buying a pair that is from light weight material.  For a casual setting my personal favorite is shorts with sequins. It brings a special sparkle to your style by creating a fashion statement.

Its versatility allows you to create different looks. Team your shorts with a great belt. You can even adorn a trendy scarf or a long bandana to create a style statement.  If the belt is big enough, choose a tee or top of the same color to create a continuous flow. This rule applies especially for petite or short body types. Various colors on you tend to break your body making you appear shorter than you actually are. Wedges are the perfect footwear to team with a pair of shorts. It adds proportion and gives you the height without making you look over the top.
When you choose figure hugging shorts, apply the same rule that you do for the pants. You wouldn’t wear pants that are ill fitting, too short or too tight, would you? Nothing you wear should call for continuous tugging or pulling. When in doubt, buy a size up. Eventually shorts are a great eye catcher. It is a must in every woman’s wardrobe as it is a timeless piece. It is an item that will never go out of style.  The versatility and comfort of shorts is nothing but one- of- its- kind.


Shorts for Men

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Shorts for men
Ideally, shorts are a favorite piece of clothing for most men. The key is to find ones that fit and flatter the body type. Eventually, you can appear more confident once you know the styles that are made just for you.

Comfort and fit are the two most important factors while choosing a pair of shorts. Buy shorts like how you would buy pants. It should neither be too loose nor too tight.

Do avoid ultra short ones even if you have well –toned legs. The best length is the one that reaches just above your knee. However, any length from mid thigh to mid knee makes you look put together. If you are of a shorter stature, opt for ones that have a short inseam. Exposing your knees can make you appear taller. And, vice versa for taller men – choose shorts that have a longer inseam so that you don’t show too much of your leg.
                                                       Image source: Fashion4nerds.com

The best choice with shorts is a T-shirt. Avoid too baggy shirts or silky ones with shorts. If you are tucking your shirts in, make sure you wear a belt. Nonetheless, try avoiding tucking your shirt as they don’t make a good style statement.

Wear loafers, flip flops, sandals or boat shoes without socks. Never ever wear socks with sandals in particular. That can be the biggest faux pas ever for men. There is really no point in wearing sandals. Sandals are designed to be worn without socks so that the feet can breathe easily. If you prefer something covered, opt for boat shoes or sneakers instead. If you have very skinny legs choose footwear like flip flops. On the other hand, if you have large legs opt for bigger shoes to maintain the balance. It depends on the width of your leg.

Flat front is the most flattering style for men. As far as possible, avoid pleated shorts. Tapered style shorts can make your hips or waists look large. Avoid this style if you are heavily built. Pockets make a difference. The older you are, the shorter the pockets should be. Leave the large pockets to the teens.

Do not wear your gym or athletic shorts anywhere and everywhere. Save your gym shorts for the gym. Also, biking shorts can look totally unattractive on men. They lack the style and are a major turn –off .Avoid it!

Jeans shorts do not look really great on men. If you must, wear knee length ones which has frayed edges. The key here is to make it look cool and stylish. An alternative to jeans shorts is the relaxed cotton shorts. Different types of styles are available in the market today to suit every body type.

                                       Imagesource: Asianfashion.guidetobuy.com

Shorts take an important place in a man’s wardrobe due to its comfort and versatility. Looking good in it takes a bit of effort and care. However, when teamed well, it’s one of the coolest attire for any man.