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Yogitha Ramamoorthy : I am a Fashion Designer / Fashion Writer/ Fashion Choreographer and a Fashion Stylist based in India. Starting my clothing brand, ‘FaYo,’ has been a dream come true for me.

Yogitha – The Designer:

To say a few words about my brand :

‘FaYo,’ is a revelation of all that is exceptional and extraordinary in its commencement and conception. My inspiration comes from rich Indian heritage of fine designing and detailing.

 I prefer combining retro silhouettes with modern facets, creating a new and unmarked look that is chic for today’s audacious women. My characteristic style is the fusion of ethnic work with futuristic trends, to achieve a look that is unique and contemporary yet deeply rooted in Indian craft.  I love working with handloom and natural fabrics. My forte lies in expressing complex designs in simplest ways.  

I believe in creating credible fashion, clothing that makes the ordinary men and women feel special.   I have worked on numerous projects of fashion forecasting and creative conceptualization both nationally and internationally and am humbled to say that my clients are all over the world.

Do click here  for a glimpse of my designs!

Yogitha – The Writer:

Apart from designing, I have also been an avid and skilled fashion writer with a variety of experience.  Writing is a part of who and what I am. After all, what is fashion without literature? In addition to a degree in Fashion from The National Institute of Fashion Technology, A Master’s degree in English Literature and Journalism has helped to nurture the creative side of ‘expression,’ in me. I have written numerous articles and editorials that focus the latest trends and style.

My writings have appeared in some of the leading fashion publications, literary journals, newspapers, magazines, and fashion websites such as Femefashions, Desiblitz, Ezine Articles, Vijaya Times, Andra Jyothi, Times of India, Youth etc. My zeal for writing has also made me publish an entire book named ‘Stay in Style @ 17teen or 70ty,’ that is awaiting publication.

 Do click here for a glimpse of my work on fashion and lifestyle articles.

As a token of appreciation and encouragement for my achievements and hard-work, Ezine Articles has awarded me with the ‘Platinum Expert Author’ Tag.  




Yogitha – The Person:

Adventurous, mysterious, independent and creative is how I describe myself. I love to explore the world, feel the breeze and hear the birds sing; in short I am the nature’s child.

I swear by clothes, am a great shoe lover and never crazy about branded stuff.

I believe nothing is impossible if you have the determination and persistence.

 …and Never stop Dreaming!

Please feel free to browse through the portfolio or get in touch if you can’t find what you are looking for.

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